MHTC out of compliance with federal regulations

On Jan. 18, 2018, Memorial Hospital of Texas County was determined to be out of compliance with medicare and medicaid service regulations. (ABC 7 Amarillo)

New developments in a state health department investigation into Memorial Hospital of Texas County in Guymon, Okla.

OSDH launched the investigation back in September and on Monday, Feb. 4, ABC 7 Amarillo received the investigations findings.

On Jan. 18, 2018, Memorial Hospital of Texas County was determined to be out of compliance with medicare and medicaid service regulations. After reviewing reports from surveys conducted in Oct., OSDH found MHTC was not in compliance with emergency services, periodic evaluation and QA review, medical screening exam, and emergency room log.

There are numerous incidents that were looked at during the investigation and ABC 7 will give insight to some.

First, a stroke patient who needed to be sent to another hospital due to MHTC not having the required medication, Activase. And EMS wasn't notified until they were already in the emergency bay. In a report ABC 7 did in Sept., the emergency management director told us he no longer sends trauma victims to MHTC.

Another incident involved two teens who tried to commit suicide by overdose. Both were discharged without receiving mental health evaluations and DHS was not contacted. In addition, a registered nurse for one of those patients said she didn't know the procedures involving a minor with an overdose.

Then, a rattlesnake victim who was monitored for just two hours and had her bite treated with triple antibiotic ointment, not anti-venom. That victim ended up driving to Amarillo for care the next day.

Lastly, two incidents with pediatric care.

One involving a 27-day-old infant who was brought to the emergency room on three different occasions for vomiting, constipation, jaundice, and blood in the urine. During the first two visits there is no evidence of labs ordered, imaging done, or medications provided. In the end, the patient was transferred to another facility by their primary care doctor, and the infant ended up undergoing surgery for pyloric stenosis.

The second child was sent to the hospital by the patient's pediatrician for follow up treatment. The child had been experiencing lethargy, fever, and stomach pain for several days. Labs were done at the request of the pediatrician, but when the pediatrician called to check in on the patient, the hospital said they had discharged the child. The parents ended up taking the child to a different hospital for evaluation.

According to the report, the hospital's failed practices delayed care for two patients, worsening health conditions for two patients, likelihood of increased injury for one patient, and adverse health outcomes for six patients.

As a result of these findings, the hospital's medicare agreement is scheduled to be terminated on April 18. Termination can only be averted by fixing the problems, submitting a plan to fix the problems, and getting a stamp of approval by the health department.

ABC 7 was told the hospital has already filed a corrections plan that is now being reviewed.

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