Memphis residents want to know, sidewalk or driveway

The talk of the town in recent weeks has to do with a strip of cement leading into the Allsup's parking lot. (ABC 7 Amarillo - Lia Kamana)

Sidewalk or driveway? That is what folks in Memphis are asking.

The talk of the town in recent weeks has to do with a strip of cement leading into the Allsup's parking lot.

Memphis Police Officer, Ed Gentry, pointed out to me, "as far as the sidewalk, this is the area that's been in question and the citations have been issued."

Recently, Memphis PD has been cracking down.

"Texas Transportation code 545.423 states to turn left or right to cross a sidewalk is a violation of the transportation code. What is happening is people are coming up 10th Street and to avoid traffic on 287 they cut across the sidewalk right there," said Gentry.

Many Memphis residents have been using this entrance for as long as they can remember.

"I've used it all my life. We all use it. And none of us ever knew and were never aware in all these years that it was a handicap," said Memphis resident, Pamela Ward.

Officer Gentry said he understands where the confusion may be.

"Just over the years with the pavement up to the sidewalk from the parking lot side and people pulling over and wearing the grass and stuff down, it could resemble a driveway entrance instead of a handicap entrance," explained Gentry.

Saying it's a handicap entrance has raised some eyebrows.

"It's illegal because there are no signs, there are no ramps, there is no hand rails, there is nothing designating that area is for handicap. That no one is permitted to drive through it," said Ward.

But according to Memphis PD, sidewalks don't need to have these markings.

"There are no railings or paintings for normal sidewalks or handicap sidewalks," said Gentry.

All the way down highway 287, the rumble, non-skid traction control brick can be seen.

"Cause you can go down the sidwalk with a mobility device without having to jump the curbs," explains Gentry.

But residents feel there should still be signs put in place.

"As long as it's not designated and properly equipped, yes I still think it's wrong," said Ward.

Memphis PD tells ABC 7 News the City has been in communication with TxDOT about putting a sign up. Until then, they advise not using it as a an entry way because a citation can be issued.

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