Memphis PD hires officer, making total officers for the department 2

Memphis PD has hired a second officer, making the department's total number of officers two. (ABC 7 Amarillo)

The Memphis Police Department has been struggling as the department has been functioning with a single officer - Chief Chris Jolly.

MPD announced on Wednesday that one officer has been added to assist Jolly. Officer Christian Cortez is 22-years-old and is from the Dallas area.

In November, the department did have two officers, including Jolly. The pair would rotate shifts every 24 hours. The other officer left in December, leaving Jolly as the lone officer. Jolly had said the department couldn't keep any officers because of the low pay.

In November, Jolly said top officer pay is less than $31,000 with no overtime pay. Other cities the size of Memphis pay higher. Jolly says the city of Shamrock pays officers $34,000 to $37,000 starting out.

The population of Memphis, a city that sits on Hwy. 287, is nearly 2,300.

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