Memphis City Council Meeting sheds light on tension between mayor and police chief

Memphis City Council Meeting sheds light on tension between mayor and police chief. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

After the Memphis mayor and police chief go back and forth in Tuesday's Special City Council Meeting, the underlying tension between the two is no secret.

“When I was drug out of my house, go ahead and explain it, I’d like to know," Memphis Mayor, Joe Davis said.

Before the public one-on-one sit down with Police Chief Chris Jolly, Mayor Davis said he simply wanted a Police Department update. Davis told ABC 7, there hasn't been a lot of communication.

“The Mayor of the city doesn’t know what’s going on, the Mayor of the city was called at 2 o’clock in the morning," Mayor Davis said.

“He told me not to call him back," Chief Jolly said defending himself.

"I didn’t say that, but that’s alright Chris, you’ve got a great memory," Mayor Davis said back.

Mayor Davis later makes it clear he feels there isn't enough patrolling during the night.

“Now Chris, I’m talking about, they’re not stealing the trailer during the day," Mayor Davis said.

"Yes they are," Chief Jolly responded.

Though Chief Jolly said he feels like there's not enough staffing to meet Mayor Davis's expectations, he said he can understand Mayor Davis wanting better communication.

“As Chief of Police, what you ought to do, would be to tell that family next door, if we have to come back over here, somebody is going to go to jail," Mayor Davis said.

Shortly after Mayor Davis questions why Chief Jolly hasn't arrested someone who has been disturbing a neighbor, the meeting quickly takes a turn.

“When I was arrested, a few years ago Chris, what reasonable suspicion did you have to take me to jail?," Mayor Davis asked, Chief Jolly.

“Alright, you were on a golf course, you were intoxicated," Chief Jolly responded.

Council members quickly growing uncomfortable with an escalating situation, there's a motion to forcefully adjourn the meeting.

“This crap has got to stop," one council member said. “I made the motion, it was seconded, and I call for the vote.”

Chief Jolly said he feels blindsided.

“It’s scary, it’s heartbreaking,: Chief Jolly said. "It’s scary, this is my job.I don’t know."

Everyone at the meeting appears to be disappointed with how things were handled.

“I can replace you, don’t think I can’t," A council member said to Mayor Davis.

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