Man sentenced to 30 years for stealing car, evading arrest

Craig Allen Rodriguez was sentenced to 30 years in prison for stealing a vehicle and avoiding police. (Courtesy of the 47th District Attorney's Office, Facebook)

A man was sentenced to thirty years in prison on Tuesday for stealing a vehicle and evading arrest.

Back in August, Craig Allen Rodriguez stole a Toyota Camry that belonged to a family, that was parked right in front of their apartment.

According to the 47thDistrict Attorney's Office Facebook page, officers found Rodriguez inside the car two days later. Officers tried to stop the car but Rodriguez took off at a high speed through a gas station parking lot and into the wrong lane of traffic on the highway in Fritch, avoiding police and soon after, crashing the car. No one was hurt.

A jury with Potter County sentenced Rodriguez to 30 years in prison for evading arrest with a vehicle and 2 years in state jail for unauthorized use of a vehicle.

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