Amarillo voting organizations encourage all eligible voters to register


The first step to giving yourself a say of what goes on in your community is registering to vote.

"People are so disappointed when they go to vote and find out that they didn't take care of things on time," Elections Administrator for Potter County, Melynn Huntley said.

"It's a benefit of being a citizen that you do get to vote," Carolyn Barnett from League of Women Voters said.

On Tuesday, both the Potter County Elections Office and the League of Women Voters will be encouraging citizens to sign up to cast their ballots.

"We're going to have a mock election for our new voting equipment," Huntley said. "We want people to come and try out the new voting equipment. If you're not registered to vote, pick up a voter registration application there."

"We would like very much to register anyone that's interested," Barnett said.

The League of Women Voters will be on 45th Avenue and Bell Street at United to help people register.

"Voter registration in Potter and Randall County both are, I feel, protected," Barnett said.

This may be true, but researches say it's a good idea to take extra precautions to make sure voter information isn't compromised.

"I think it is so prevalent now with your identity possibly being stolen," Huntley said. "Constantly run credit checks on yourself just to find out if anyone has opened anything on you."

Huntley says her office will ask for specific information from those registering to protect identities.

"If those documents don't match your date of birth, your address and everything else then it's going to raise some red flags," Huntley said.

Those wanting to vote in November have until October 10 to register.

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