Local mechanics give check list for prepping cars in the winter

    Local mechanics give check list for prepping cars in the winter. (ABC 7 Amarillo Darra Cunningham)

    As temperatures start to drop and snow is headed our way, it is important to know how to properly prepare your car for the winter. Mechanic Robert Morton with Panhandle Euro Tech Automotive tells ABC 7 News the most important thing is to make sure your defroster works.

    "That's a big one because it's a big safety issue if you can't see in the morning," said Morton.

    The next thing to check is your wiper blades.

    "You definitely want to make sure your windshield washer fluid is topped off. All the stores have windshield fluid, we stock it here and it is good for below freezing. It really helps thaw ice from the your windshield in the morning as well," said Morton.

    When cold temperatures arise, battery issues also come to light, so it is important to make sure your battery is strong enough to take the cold weather. Morton also said to check tires.

    "Just making sure your tires have plenty of tread on them, you know, there's a little gadget that they sell that you could measure your tread depth," said Morton.

    Flat treads will cause your vehicle to slide especially when its wet out.

    David Campbell with Panhandle Euro Tech Automotive said it is important to travel with a travel kit.

    "Crackers, bottled water, take any type of safety device, extra gloves, a blanket, anything that will help you if you ever have to be stranded due to a snow storm or ice," said Campbell.

    Last but not least, be sure to keep an ice scrapper in your car and always make sure your belt and hoses are updated.

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