Local body shops see increase in winter weather related accidents

    <p>Recent winter weather may be affecting the number of crashes in our area and making for dangerous driving conditions (ABC 7 Amarillo - Morgan Burrell)<br>{/p}

    The slush left on roadways Saturday morning was expected to freeze again overnight and create a slippery mess.

    Recent winter weather may be affecting the number of crashes in our area and making for dangerous driving conditions.

    There were nearly 150 wrecks in Amarillo from midnight Thursday, Dec. 27, until 6:00 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 29.

    The Amarillo Police say that is a lot more than this time last year, when they only worked 64 wrecks.

    While unfortunate for drivers, local body shops have been busy and hard at work.

    "So this one, this one actually they hit another car and you see the result of it, suspension damage," said Kenny Purkey, body shop manager at Autonation.

    Purkey said he has seen a lot of cars towed to his body shop lately.

    "As of today it'll be thirteen," said Purkey. "At this time that's very little because a lot of people don't turn them in immediately, they try to figure out if they want to pay for it out of pocket or have insurance cover it."

    Terence Bernard, the owner of Bernard's Advanced Collision Body Shop, said he has seen a lot more traffic at his shop too.

    "Right now, the winter time is typically slow, but these winter events do cause a spike in business," said Bernard.

    It is more traffic and it means each shop will have more work.

    "So every dollar we have to work hard for, every job that comes in we have to account for, every operation we have to do," said Bernard.

    Not everyone will bring their car into the shop after a minor slip and slide, but Purkey said skipping out on a simple check up can be hazardous for the driver.

    "There may be stuff that happens within the computer system that codes and that affects the next accident or operation and the list goes on and on," said Purkey.

    It is an extra step that could prevent your car from getting into a winter weather accident in the future.

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