Lead investigator in Thomas Brown case issues statement

    Canadian teen Thomas Brown has been missing since November 2016. His family continues to seek answers to his disappearance. (KVII)<p>{/p}

    Philip R. Klein, the lead investigator in the Thomas Brown case, issued a statement Friday addressing the progress made this week.

    According to a post on the Help Find Tom Brown Facebook page, the statement begins with Klein thanking the citizens of Canadian for their hospitality while they investigated this case. He went on to say that, "I would like to state that we, the investigators, do feel the citizens pain."

    Klein went on to say that the investigators have been "very" productive in this case. Part of that including flight operations conducted assisting the investigators in the time distance study, in addition to the evidence search.

    The investigators are now in the process of obtaining sworn statements and putting together the pieces of the events leading up to Brown going missing on Nov. 23/24, 2016. However, Klein added that the case is "coming together," and is solvable.

    He also reminded citizens to be careful of what they read on Facebook and rumors that run around town after inaccurate tips of Brown's body being buried in a frisbee golf course proved unfounded early in the week.

    Klein did say that two groups know the truth about this case and the investigators are one of them. He went on to say that there is a "strong reason" that he isn't going more in depth in the statement and the public will understand when everything is out in the open.

    The full statement can be viewed in the Facebook post embedded below.

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