Lawsuit claims Marsh 3's survivors helped in sex trafficking of teen boys

Lawsuit claims Marsh 3's survivors helped in sex trafficking of teen boys (ABC 7 NEWS)

The criminal investigation of Stanley Marsh 3 is re-opened, and Houston attorney Chad Pinkerton has now added a civil lawsuit alleging sex trafficking against marsh 3's survivors claiming they helped in the sexual abuse of teen boys.

"The idea that all these boys involved, they were being solicited by other adults or that Mr. Marsh was also being assisted other adults," Pinkerton said.

Pinkerton represents 10 of the boys who claim to have been sexually molested by Marsh 3.

Pinkerton said after investigating, he's uncovered evidence that marsh's wife Wendy Marsh, son Stanley Marsh IV, David Weir, and newly added defendant Drew Mason allegedly knew and even helped Marsh 3 facilitate the sexual abuse of the boys.

"If those people that assisted him or benefitted from it or turned a blind eye to it during the time period were being sexually assaulted or molested, they are just as responsible as Mr. Marsh ," Pinkerton said.

Pinkerton's allegations state that marsh 3 would talk to boys about employment and lure them with money, and then make them sign non-disclosure agreements and offer cash for sexual acts with several incidents involving Viagra, drugs, and pornography.

He also claims his family, Weir, and Mason helped by signing checks and forcing the boys to sign the agreements.

"For all these people to pretend that they do not know is silliness. Many of these people they won't admit they didn't know, but will admit that they should've known and done something about it. That is the claim for civil conspiracy," Pinkerton said.

ABC 7 news spoke to attorney William Kelly who represents Stan Marsh IV. He said Pinkerton's allegations are false, and says they don't anticipate any liability against his client.

"There is not any civil liability. He had absolutely no knowledge of what was going on and easy not involved in any way with any activity Marsh 3 was involved in. I feel very confident there won't be any charges against him," Kelly said.

The lawsuit seeks up to $50 million and possible damages for the plaintiffs.

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