Man led Hutchinson County deputies on pursuit, drove car into Lake Meredith before arrest

Cameron Merriman was arrested by Hutchinson County Sheriff's deputies after leading them on a chase and driving his car off a boat ramp in the Harbor Bay area of Lake Meredith. (Photo Courtesy: Hutchinson County Sheriff's Office)

The Hutchinson County Sheriff's Office has arrested a man for a burglary in Carson County led to a chase resulting in the man's vehicle ending up in Lake Meredith early Tuesday morning.

According to the Hutchinson County Sheriff, deputies responded to the burglary in Carson County shortly after 4 a.m. After deputies arrived on scene, a man attempted to flee and refused to cooperate with prompts to stop for deputies.

The man, identified as Cameron Merriman, then pulled a gun on the officers and attempted to ram their vehicles as he fled the residence and again as the deputies pursued him. After a long chase, Merriman then drove his car off the R&R boat ramp in the Harbor Bay area of Lake Meredith.

As the car began to sink, deputies tried to talk Merriman into swimming back to the shore. He continued refusing to comply and began swimming away from the deputies.

Just before daylight, the HCSO began to walk the area in an attempt to locate Merriman but were unsuccessful.

Park Service Rangers dive team was called in at about 7:30 a.m. to attempt to recover the car and attempt to locate Merriman. The team was able to recover the vehicle but with no sign of Merriman.

Park Rangers later found Merriman, who was injured and flagging them down. He was arrested and taken to Golden Plains Hospital in Borger and treated for a knee injury.

Merriman is being charged with evading arrest with a vehicle with more charges pending out of both Hutchinson and Carson counties.

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