International Talk Like a Pirate Day celebrates 10 years

Get your eye patches and peg legs out, September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

"Arrrghhh matey," Crocodile Dile of Lile Art Gallery. "Me parrot done left and flew the ship, now the rats are taking over."

Not all of Amarillo was as festive as Dile, but most would give their best arrrr's. This was an international holiday, and people from Amarillo to Paris Texas gave Pronews 7 their best impressions.

The day was full of rejections, which is ok, this pirate talk isn't for everybody. For those looking to celebrate though, here's a few options.

Phone apps such as Pirate Lingo give people lessons on sea talk, and Facebook actually offers users to change their main language to "Pirate" in their languages option.

For more information on how to speak like a pirate, such as the difference between 'Aye!' and 'Aye, Aye!', check

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