Hundreds come out to walk for a cause

Over five hundred people came out to Caprock High School for Walk MS. The annual event was hosted by the National MS Society to help raise funds and awareness of the chronic disease that affects nearly 800 people in the Panhandle.

"It's the rallying point of the MS movement," said April Brownlee of the National MS Society. "It's a community of people who have MS, people who know someone that has MS and people who care about someone that has MS all coming together to celebrate and hope for a cure and all the things we can do today to make their lives better."

Brownlee said that their goal is to make $106,000 during the event. Since they started off the day with $75,000 in funds, they fully expect to reach their goal.

"The money raised here today will support research. It will support programs and services and it will support our direct financial assistance program," Brownlee said. "MS is so expensive. Right now we estimate it costs $70,000 per person per year to live with MS. It's one of the most expensive diseases you can have."

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