Howardwick community reacts to double homicide

    A shooting in Howardwick results in two local residents dead and law enforcement searching for a suspect (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)<p>{/p}

    The Donley County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Rangers are investigating a double homicide in Howardwick. A shooting at the residence of 113 Lakeview Lane that resulted in the deaths of James Edward Fierro, age 34 and Candice Rachael Garrett, age 33.

    “All I heard was a bunch of gunshots and some yelling,” said Taylor Frisbie, Howardwick resident. “My husband and I were wondering what was going on.”

    “We got a call that there had been shots fired and the officers arrived and they found a male subject and a female subject both adults deceased,” said Sheriff Butch Blackburn. “Apparent gun shot wounds to both of them.”

    The Donley County Sheriff’s Office called the Texas Rangers for help to investigate a double homicide. Sheriff Blackburn tells ABC 7 News there is no signs of a forced entry or a break in to the house. All signs indicate someone was let in before the shooting.

    “It looks like intentional shooting doesn’t appear that any theft tied to it,” said Blackburn. “Looks like someone came to actually commit murder.”

    Sheriff Blackburn tells ABC 7 News the deceased were known in the community as hard working people at a convenience store chain (Allsups). He added at the time of the shooting there were children inside the house, who called 911.

    “There were four small children in the house at the time of the crime and luckily none of them had any injuries,” said Blackburn.

    “I was kind of devastated to know that this happened here in Howardwick,” said Frisbie. “You don’t expect it.”

    The victims were transported to Lubbock on Tuesday morning for an autopsy. As of Tuesday afternoon no warrants were issued for a suspect. The children have been placed in the care of Child Protective Services.

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