Homeowners catch auto burglar red-handed on security camera

Homeowners catch auto burglar red-handed on security camera. (Photo courtesy- Josh Crooks).

A clear video from homeowners' security video shows a car burglar approach one of their vehicles as he looks around cautiously just seconds before breaking into the truck outside of their home. You can see the unidentified man to shield his grip before popping the car door open. He then goes on rummaging through things, all while the home owners are sound asleep just feet away.

"You know it's just crazy to me because you set there and you're looking at the person that's actually getting into your vehicles," Homeowner, Josh Crooks said.

Crooks says last Wednesday marks the second time his vehicle was broken into over the course of three months.

"You're seeing them steal your stuff, and you know in the back of your mind you're probably not going to get back whatever was stolen," Crooks said.

Crook's case is just one of many.

"The reality is, talking to APD detectives, there's a small chance they're ever going to catch him," Crooks said. "Most of them get away."

This issue is growing throughout the city, but APD says auto burglaries are a crime of opportunity.

"Up until this point I wasn't paying attention to the online reports, you know things like that," Crooks said. "I'm more aware of it now."

And with being more aware Crooks wants to spread the word.

"We've spent a lot of time lately not only giving information to the cops, but just spending time sharing the surveillance and what's going on with our neighbors in the mean time," Crooks said.

APD wants everyone to know taking everything out of the car and locking doors may help resolve these type of burglaries.

"There's almost like a, you know it's going to happen again, but you don't know when," Crooks said.

Crooks says he doesn't think anything will change until the community really comes together.

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