Hollywood comes to Borger

While a lot of students have the summer off, a group of young men and women are hoping to become "stars" as they're spending they're summer making a movie.

In Borger, they're currently in production for an award winning play called "Kissless" and preparing for live performances along with a film. But how did they end their journey in the Texas panhandle.

Not your ordinary high school production, while it does revolve around high school. This number, the jocks are playing the soulcrusher video game with real zombies, as part of a student's daily life.

The show "Kissless" is the brainchild of director and author Chance McClain. He submitted the unfinished work to the New York Musical Theatre festival, ---won--and then directs 6 performances off broadway....but knew it wasn't finished."

"I don't know what the driving force is that says, keep working on Kissless. I've got other shows I've done but there's something that says, "Others need to see this," says McClain.

A native Texan, his old college roommate from Borger Patrick Nonholf, and he got together, and decided to do the show again. In Borger. And this time film it.

"Releasing it online so that you


me and everyone in between can go see it online."

For performers-slash-choreographers Ian Saunders and Rachel Hull-Ryde, it was a chance away from college in San Marcos to pursue their love of theatre.

"When I


m reading this online and seeing these people bring it to life and I think it would be am amazing production to get licensed and everything," says Hull-Ryde.

"They're going to be the first to see it here and they'll be able to say, this town started "Kissless," adds Saunders.

Dan Zimberg and Josh Gray, up and coming stars from Manhattan


say they've enjoyed the journey, ending up in Borger.

"Hopefully, that glow. that Texas glow will last a little while. Just the warmth," says Gray.

Zimberg added, "I have no prior camera work before this....


Then Josh points to our camera...and says.


"Until right now, can you tell how nervous I am right now?" finished Zimberg.

"Kissless" will have two live performances in Borger, followed by a quick shooting schedule for a full length film to be released online, says McClain.

"Kissless needs to be done live


it needs to be done on stage, but every teenager I know is perfectly content watching things on their ipods and iphones."

And hopes of a full theatrical release are still rising.

"If there's an opportunity to be done on a bigger scale, I'll be the guy cheering."

After watching a morning of rehearsals and some very talented young performers, I have no doubt we'll be seeing plenty more from this Kissless troup.

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