Historic clock returns to working order at Borger High School

The clock at Borger High School is now telling the correct time after a clock repair company fixed it during Thanksgiving holiday break (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

When students, teachers and staff returned to Borger High School this week following the Thanksgiving holiday break they noticed something was providing the right time. A clock placed atop the main building when the campus was built in 1947 is now working again. The clock worked until the early 1960’s.

Clarence McDaniel is a member of the Class of 1950 and other students who graduated from Borger High School in the 1950’s decided to donate money to Borger ISD to have the clock repaired. Now after more than 50 plus years the clock is functional.

“To see the correct time on the clock is amazing,” said Clarence McDaniel, Borger High School alum. “I looked at it to make sure the time was correct with my watch because for so long it was set in one place.”

Rather than use money set aside for a reunion the alumni from the 1950’s decided it would be better to have the money donated to help pay for repairs to the clock.

“I think it’s so special to have alumni that is still interested in the building,” said Sarah Sanders, teacher/Class of 2004. “To see that they care about the current condition of the campus and want school success I think it’s exciting to see that.”

“This means a lot to the school and the community,” said Matt Ammerman, Principal at Borger H.S. “This is a beautiful building and one of the great features is the clock. We’ve had lots of positive comments from students and from teachers.”

No one knows for sure what caused the clock to stop working or when it stopped working exactly in the early 1960’s. Former students believe it was the weather that caused the clock to stop. Thanks to repairs from a company in Missouri, the electrical clock is controlled by an impulse driven system which has a battery backup. The clock started telling the correct time last week once repairs were completed during the holiday break.

“It’s really exciting to be able to walk up to the school and look at the right time,” said Jacque Wakefield, teacher/Class of 1968. “This way you know that maybe you will not be five minutes late to school.”

The group who donated funds to Borger ISD gave $1,836.15 with the district picking up the rest of the cost totaling $5,300. Now with the repairs completed Borger High School hopes to withstand the test of time.

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