Hereford ISD campuses resume regular schedule after soft lockdown Friday

Hereford ISD is currently in a soft lock down. (file photo)

UPDATE: Hereford ISD classes will resume at 11 a.m., according to Hereford ISD Superintendent Sheri Blankenship.

Law enforcement will remain in place at each campus. Students will be released from school on the regular schedule.

Authorities will continue to investigate the incident.

ORIGINAL: According to officials, Hereford ISD is currently in a soft lockdown.

Hereford ISD Superintendent Sheri Blankenship said that the district received a report from a parent that there was a Snapchat threat. At this time, the district has not been able to identify the individual that made the threat.

All Hereford ISD campuses were put in a soft lockdown as a precautionary measure. There is no immediate danger at this time. No firearms or injuries have been reported on campus.

Officials said Hereford ISD is working with the local police department, the FBI and Snapchat.

At this time, students or parents should not attempt to go to the schools.

ABC 7 News will update this story as soon as more information is provided.

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