Heal The City in need of donations for freezers

    Heal The City is in need of donations for upright freezers. (ABC 7 Amarillo Darra Cunningham)

    Heal The City is best known for meeting the needs of the uninsured but the organization also provides meals for their Shalom Senior Pack program, a program which helps people 55-years-old and up with chronic illnesses.

    "Seventy three percent of them had food insecurity and so with some really amazing community partners, Baptist Community Services and Bivins Foundation along with Snack Pack, for the last several months we have been able to provide meals for those patients," said Development Director Lisa Lloyd.

    But because that’s the majority of the members in the program, the organization is in need of more freezer space to store the food.

    "We are really in need of two to three upright freezers that are reliable, that will make sure those meals stay frozen until our patients come pick them up," said Lloyd.

    There are seven fresh meals provided on a weekly basis to 25 people. The food gets prepared, packed up and stored in the freezer until patients are able to pick them up, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Lloyd said the freezer must be an upright freezer because they offer up more room for storage.

    "It’s just more efficient, also to be able to access the meals, it just makes it easier," said Lloyd.

    If you would like to donate please follow the link for more information.

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