Has the rain helped Lake Meredith water levels?

It's a far cry from last year. Plenty of rainfall continues to soak our area after a serious drought that helped fuel devastating wildfires.

A lot of us are now wondering, how is that rain boosting our water supply at Lake Meredith?

Many people, including all of us, consider rainfall liquid gold, and lately, we've seen a pretty good amount of it. But besides our crops, and our lawns, Lake Meredith needs to benefit from it more than ever.

To put it in perspective, looking at a map, Lake Meredith more than 10 years ago, was at 88 feet. Years later, it receded to 55 feet. Now, it's at only 30 feet. But so far this year, the Fritch area has received a little more than 11 inches of rain.

"The Canadian River Municipal Water Project they actually did a dredging project in the old river bed which basically created a channel, a canal, an irrigation ditch if you will and it's currently full of water and the Canadian River is flowing through and into the lake finally," said Paul Jones, Chief Park Ranger.

Big Blue Creek is full of water, and Jones says he hasn't seen that since 2000. If the rainfall continues, instead of one boat camp being open, they'll be able to open another.

"Fritch Fortress boat ramp currently has water on the concrete, so if the lake comes up enough that you can actually, we can see it feasibly to launch a boat ramp," said Jones.

He adds, it could take days to see a measurable difference in the water level from this week's rain.

But with water levels and visitation numbers dwindling, park officials say the Lake Meredith National Recreation Area isn't just about boating and fishing, they're also taking steps to sustain the area by doing things like building hiking trails.

"There's going to be a trail that connects here(Fritch Fortress) goes around the boundary around the caprock in and out of some of the canyons, some elevation climb fall and end up at Harbor Bay," said Jones.

The area is also open to hunting and offers free camping.

The National Park also has horse trails. This coming weekend, it's hosting a Crown of Texas Arabian Horse Club Competition, which brings in as many as 200 contestants.

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