Growth creates challenges for city of Canyon

With the population increasing and construction booming the city of Canyon is planning for new growth (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

The City of Canyon is experiencing a boom in growth. Since 2010, a 13.8 percent increase in population has driven the population just over 15,000 people.

“Everything that comes with additional growth ultimately becomes the city’s to maintain streets, alleys, collection of trash along with maintenance of water and sewer systems,” said Randy Criswell, city manager.

Canyon city officials looked over a proposed site that would call for around 500 new houses to be built in a subdivision north of Canyon. Criswell tells ABC 7 News the city plans to annex land where the new development is planning to be built. Once the land is annexed it will move the northern line of the city limit up by two miles.

“As our city limits broaden to the north and our population increases to the north, then we have to make sure we can adequately respond to every area of town,” said Criswell. “That could require some additional facilities for fire department.”

Canyon’s only fire station is centrally-located next to city hall. It was built in 1974. When the city decides if and when to build a second fire station to the north to accommodate the growth, it would be a substation. Chief Mike Webb tells ABC 7 News it if they a new substation built somewhere in northern part of Canyon, it would house between two and four firefighters.

“The station we have now is pretty well centrally-located,” said Mike Webb, Canyon Fire Chief. “We would have to do studies on it and see what would benefit us the best.”

Criswell tells ABC 7 News the city is preparing to hear plans for additional proposed growth. Developers with plans to build more housing subdivisions are hoping to fill the next wave of demand of families moving to Canyon.

“That’s dependent on how quickly these subdivisions fill up and how quickly there phased in,” said Criswell.

The growth does present a number of challenges, but through the right framework, it will be accommodated. The proposed site that is awaiting final approval from the city is called Spring Canyon. The city has purchased water rights for the land and will have a drainage study done next. If the subdivision gets the greenlight, construction could start by the end of 2019 and take a few years to build.

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