Fritch voluntary boil water notice explained

    Folks in Fritch have been put on on notice about a voluntary boil water notice taking effect on one day and one day only, Wednesday, Feb. 27. (ABC 7 Amarillo - Lia Kamana)

    Folks in Fritch have been put on notice about a voluntary boil water notice taking effect on one day and one day only, Wednesday, Feb. 27.

    Voluntary boil water notices definitely don't happen often and it's not a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requirement like mandatory boil water notices are. So why did the City of Fritch issue one?

    ABC 7 News spoke with Fritch City Manager, Drew Brassfield, who said the notice was a preemptive step and an effort to better communicate with citizens.

    "We are constantly striving to better communicate with our citizens and all of our customers," said Brassfield. "So we felt it was very important to give as much notice as possible to everybody for any inconvenience that they may encounter."

    The voluntary boil water notice is due to construction to the City's water well field.

    "It was back in November when we first announced that we were actually breaking ground on this construction project, and so as the project has progressed we’ve just finally reached a point now where the old lines are going to have to be taken out and new lines are going to have to be put in along with all the other components," explained Brassfield.

    During this phase of the project, the city will need to reduce the reserve or stored water to 25-percent of the normal capacity. This could affect water pressure.

    "If everything goes off without any problems the citizens won’t notice any difference at all, but because of the work that is ahead of us we’re at a higher than normal risk of seeing something like water pressure drop off," said Brassfield.

    The water pressure will be monitored throughout the day.

    "We’re pulling all of our crews off of the various assignments on that particular day and everybody including myself, we will closely monitor water pressure at different points on the system to make sure we don’t go below the state mandated levels," explained Brassfield.

    If the water pressure does go below those mandated levels, the City is ready to enact a mandatory boil water notice and the TCEQ has already been alerted of the possibility.

    "Regardless of whether we ever lose water pressure or not, we are going to be taking water samples and sending those to the lab anyway because it’s our number one priority to provide everybody with clean healthy drinking water," said Brassfield.

    Brassfield said if residents experience a loss of water pressure, he wants them to let the city know.

    The City is also requesting that residents within city limits and in the neighborhoods of - Arrowhead, Double Diamond, Fritch Estates, Wright Addition, Irwin Addition, and Maverick Village - restrict their water usage to only what is necessary. Non-essential usage will only increase the possibility of a mandatory boil water notice being issued.

    Should a mandatory boil water notice be issued, the City will contact the media and post notice on the City's website and social media pages.

    Anyone with questions on this matter can contact Roger Pense, Director of Public Works, or Brassfield at (806) 857-3143 or at City Hall, 104 N. Robey, P.O. Box 758, Fritch, TX, 79036-0758.

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