Fritch Veteran shares first-hand impact of wildfire

Fritch Veteran Jason Walker, shares first-hand impact of wildfire. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

It can be hard to imagine the true impact a tragedy can have, until it happens to you.

“I mean it just burned everything from down here," Fritch Veteran, Jason Walker said describing his land's fire damage.

Walker and his family are living proof this.

“The fence line over there, [is] where the fire was," Walker said. “We were in Amarillo when we got a call from one of our neighbors.”

After getting word of their home being in danger, Walker said they imagined the worst as they rushed back to Fritch.

“We were really worried at that time, and we knew our house was right in the middle of it from what they were saying," Walker said.

Walker said it was agonizing waiting, as they couldn't get to their home to see if it, or another special member of their family were OK.

“They weren’t allowing anybody in," Walker said. "As we got to [Highway] 136, we witnessed the fire jumping the highway.”

Their home is OK.

“It was several hours of waiting, and anticipation," Walker said. “It’s amazing that [the fire] didn’t come in any further.”

Just the perimeter of their land is left scorched by the wildfire. Walker called this an act of God, as their home and other surrounding property in the fire's path are completely untouched.

“It’s kind of amazing," Walker said.

There's something else that could be considered amazing too.

"He's a survivor," Walker said.

The special addition to their family mentioned earlier, is their dog Zorro. He was able to escape the flames.

“That’s a good boy," Walker said while petting Zorro. "That’s a good boy, last night he did a good job.”

Though Walker said his family just bought their now scorched-land six months ago, he still feels blessed the fast-spreading fire didn't do more damage.

“I guess in that way, it’s a blessing in disguise," he said.

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