First Community Market takes place in downtown Amarillo

First annual community market in downtown Amarillo. (Photo by Kendra Hall ABC7)

Saturday kicked off the first Community Market in downtown Amarillo. Several people in attendance said they are noticing a change in Amarillo. They think this market could be the start of something great for the community.

The event was all about community and support of all things local. There were over 45 booths with vendors and artists selling food, art and other products. There was also live music.

"I'm out here selling my artwork," said Jesse Melson. "I do a lot of re-purposed, recycled items using old tin cans, wine bottles and that kind of thing."

Melson has been making art since he was a kid, so this market gives him an opportunity to showcase his work and he also made money. He said he made a total of about $400.

"I think it's great, I mean I've seen probably 20-30 people I know just in the first few hours out here, so I think it's really going to bring a lot of people together."

That is one of the main purposes of this market. Attendees of today's event said it's bringing the community together through art, music, food and craft.

"It's definitely expanding," said Kiana Garcia, attendee at today's market. "The area is growing and there are a lot more people in the area now so we can afford to have things like this."

Garcia was raised in Amarillo and she said that there was not much to do, until recently. She thinks this market will help make Amarillo a more enjoyable community.

"My friends ask me what would be the thing that could help Amarillo come together and I think this is a step towards that, but I also think it's really getting like-minded people together to do something they love," said Ben Hilton, attendee at the market and resident in Amarillo.

The Community Market staff said they expect each one to expand and improve. It will take place every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It will go until the beginning of October and it will continue to take place on Polk and 10th ave. Anyone who is interested in applying to become a vendor at the market can do so here. Find more information on the market here or like the market's Facebook page for details on future markets.

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