Fire continues near Palo Duro Canyon

Photo Credit: Courtesy Facebook friend April Nicholson Mckee

Update Sunday 3:10 p.m.

T he fire ha s been turned back to the local Texas Forrest Service Office. There are a task force of engines that will work on the fire and monitor it.

O ther resources have been de-mobilized from that fire to get positioned in other places. Crews are scheduled to stay in the area for another few days case more fires pop up.

S unday canyon is back open to residents only and Ceta canyon is open to staff only.

Update Sunday 2:59 p.m.

Fire crews say it is now 90 % contained.

That's up from Saturday when it was 80% contained and Friday it was 60% contained.

The acreage hasn't changed, it's steady at 16, 803 acres and 192 of those acres burned in Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

Update Friday 4:00pP alo Duro Canyon State Park remains closed but officials tell Pronews 7 the park will reopen just in time for Memorial Day weekend Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m.

192 acres burned inside of the park but officials say people will not notice it.

If you plan to head to the park this weekend, you are reminded to stay on the trails.

"Texas" rehearsals were affected but as the saying goes, "The show must go on!"

Update 2:40p Pronews 7 has confirmed Sunday Canyon is now open to residents only. Ceta Canyon is open to staff only.

Update Friday 9:45aThe Forest Service now estimates the fire at being 60 percent contained.

Update 5:30p T he Cemetery Road fire continues to burn Thursday evening.

Bruce Palmer, of the US Forest Service wasn't sure on exact acreage of the burn but he expects it's gone up since the last report of 16,373 acres.

Palmer said firefighters continue to fight the fire using air attacks, bulldozers and fire engines. He said at last report, the fire is 50 percent contained but crews will continue to work diligently throughout the evening.

According to Nathan Londenberg, acting Superintendent for Palo Duro Canyon State Park, the fire has burned only a very small portion of the bark. Londenberg says the fire burned less than 100 acres at the start of the fire inside the park. A small portion may have been burned today, he added.

Update 4:55pRandall County officials confirmed to Pronews 7 the fire is still burning.

Originally reportedFire fighters continue to battle a huge blaze near Palo Duro Canyon; however, Palo Duro Park officials told Pronews 7 that they do not believe that the fire is in any part of the state park at this time.

The fire has already burned more than 16,000 acres of land. According to the Texas Forest Service, It is estimated the fire is 50 percent contained but 60 homes have been threatened and one structure has been lost.

Currently, the fire is three miles southeast of the city of Canyon and fire fighters from across the area are working to help contain the fire.

According to Danny Alexander of the Randall County Sheriff's Office, the fire is in Sunday Canyon and Ceta Canyon deep in the canyons where firefighters can't access it with traditional truck crews.

Alexander said crews from California and Utah have come in to help.

Additionally, the Los Diablos handcrew from Big Bend and an Arkansas handcrew have been ordered for this fire.

Several air drops are being conducted for Sunday and Ceta Canyons, and we're told crews hope they can get a handle on the blaze before while the winds are down. Both places remain closed at this time. Officials are hoping to get the fires under control while the winds are down.

The fires started Tuesday afternoon around the area of I-27 and Cemetery Road.

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