Faith City Mission expands resources to two new locations

Faith City Mission is expanding to two new locations. (ABC 7 Amarillo Darra Cunningham)

Faith City Mission is where people go for food, clothes and shelter, but also to turn their lives around.

Student Rodriguez said the organization has helped him make changes for the better.

"I'm tired of going to prison, I'm tired of being around people that say they care about me but in their deepest hearts they can't care because we're all in addiction so I said what do I do now God, and he kept pulling me to Faith City Mission," said Rodriguez.

But lives aren't the only thing being changed, Faith City Mission itself soon will look different in two ways.

First, the organization is moving it's location to a larger space, at what use to be the old the BSA Hospice Building, according to Executive Director of Faith City Mission Jena Taylor.

"Those who just need a meal or just need clothing or they need a prescription filled or maybe they just need a bed for tonight, those are short-term programs and short-term needs that we can meet at the new facility over on Tyler Street," said Taylor.

Secondly, the organization will offer longer term programs for those who need more time to heal at The Mission Ranch.

"Two hundred and twenty eight acres of extraordinary land," said Taylor. " It's not bald prairie it's hills and gullies and draws and streams and birds, clouds and rainbows it's amazing and so it really is a more healing environment to begin with."

The ranch use to belong to the Episcopal Church but it will now keep those with addictions away from harm.

"I asked what is the difference for you and one student said, 'Mrs. Taylor, it is all the difference in the world because when I'm in town my drug dealer is a block away and I'm still an addict but when we're out here at the ranch I'm not that person anymore, not psychologically and not physically.'"

Ten buildings will house all programs and activities for men, women and children.

"There's a free standing chapel that's being renovated as we speak and a huge dining room and kitchen, three dormitories for men and then there's two smaller women dormitories that's out there," said Taylor.

The new location is set to open in August but The Mission Ranch is still $5 million short for renovations. All of the money to fund this project was donated from the community and organizations. If you would like to contribute, visit the Faith City Mission web page.

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