Faith City Mission breaks ground on old BSA hospice center for its new facility

The old BSA hospice building will be the new downtown Amarillo home for Faith City Mission. (By: Niccole Caan, KVII)

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Tuesday afternoon at the old BSA Hospice center.

The building has been vacant for some time, and was gifted to Faith City Mission, which is a non-profit in Amarillo that works with homeless and addiction.

They say they are excited to breathe new life into the building.

It used to be a place where folks could peacefully go to pass. Now it is going to be a peaceful place for folks to step into a new life out of addiction and homelessness.

"We are having the opportunity of bringing our little homeless out of downtown and bringing them to a safe place with green grass and trees and quiet," said Jena Taylor, Faith City Mission Director.

This new facility will also give the non-profit more beds, a bigger dinning room and more relaxing spaces for the people they serve who are either homeless or overcoming addiction.

"It's just going to be so peaceful for them out here and I think that they'll want to come here and congregate here," said Taylor. "And I really think it will take the pressure off the city and businessmen who are not equipped to take care of a particular group of people that can be difficult at times."

Part of the building will be an emergency shelter, which Taylor says will take a lot of the homeless community from downtown.

"There are so many restrooms here that are already built in and how well that can work for privacy and how well that can work to give those people their own pride," said J. Pat Hickman, CEO of Happy Sate Bank and Campaign Chairman for the project. "It's built for so many good things! It needs a lot of work to go from a hospice care to help for the homeless. A lot of work needs to be done."

He says the structure is perfect, but a lot needs to be done for them to open. They kicked off a public campaign goal of $8 million. That will go toward this building and the non-profit's ranch that is for long-term residents.

"Amarillo literally is the most generous city in the nation," said Taylor. "That's something to be proud of. We come together, we link arms and get it done."

They are asking for the community's support in giving. You can give through the website, in person or by mail.

Anyone who wants their money going to something specific is asked to write that down when they give.

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