Experts say more sex trafficking happens during school breaks


It seems like a tale as old as they come. Who is really on the other side of the screen when your kid online?

"As a parent, I just try to always monitor them," Amarillo Mom, Elena Jordan said.

Jordan had no idea more sex trafficking happens during school breaks, and she's likely not alone.

"That's kind of shocking because you want to be able to go do stuff with you kids and I guess, not be worried," Jordan said.

Today there were 42 sex ads posted here in Amarillo before 10 am, just on one sight. And Amarillo's No Boundaries International Director, Traci Rogers said, a lot of postings are from people who appear to be under 18.

"Of course, the ad says they're 20... 23, or 18," Rogers said. "But just because that computer screen says they're 18, does not make them 18."

Rogers said different sites like 'Back Page' and 'Craig's List' are popular sites for posting these ads. And according to her, child predators are especially lurking during times when they know kids are on breaks, luring a child into the world of sex trafficking.

"It's a great opportunity for predators to find those kids that are vulnerable, that are home alone or maybe their parents are just kind of absent," Rogers said.

Parents openly talking with their kids about the dangers, may be the saving grace.

"We don't want to ever think that it can't happen to our kids, because it can cross any border, and all ethnic backgrounds and all socioeconomic statuses," Rogers said.

Jordan said she'll follow this advice, doing anything she can to protect her daughter.

"I can't always be watching her all the time, especially when they do have their own devices," Jordan said.

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