Clarendon College enrollment reaches milestone

The enrollment at Clarendon College is the highest its ever been in the 120-year history of the college (Drew Powell ABC & News)

Clarendon College is experiencing record enrollment. The college’s president Dr. Robert Riza tells ABC 7 News there are 1,590 students enrolled. The number of students enrolled covers all four campuses in Clarendon, Childress, Pampa and Amarillo. Riza tells ABC 7 News he credits a strategic plan titled “One College One Vision” for helping the college get the record number of students enrolled in the 120-year history of the college.

“One College One Vision” was about looking at rebuilding our relationships inside the Texas Panhandle with our school districts,” said Robert Riza, President of Clarendon College. “We also wanted to make sure we rebuilt the relationships inside of our campuses.”

Riza added the strategic plan helped the college with eliminating roadblocks and what processes can be streamlined to make it easier for students to attend. With the growth comes a new set of challenges.

“We’ll have to evaluate additions to faculty members and we’ll have to continually evaluate what programs we can add to the community,” said Brian Fuller, V.P. Academic Affairs. “We have to make sure we serve our service area to the best of our abilities.”

“It’s continuing the momentum and making sure we maintain this enrollment growth,” said Riza. “We’ll have to look at issues we have internally and externally and continue to meet those challenges.”

Currently the college has just 40 full-time faculty members. Fuller tells ABC 7 News 80 percent of classes are taught by full-time faculty members. Enrollment is up 32.6 percent from the fall of 2014. A new strategic plan scheduled to start in January will help the college with all facets of growth.

“Infrastructure we can hold and we can handle our enrollment growth with our facilities,” said Riza. We’ll start to look at three to five years a facilities plan so it all goes hand in hand.”

The majority of students attending Clarendon College are from Texas, with students from Oklahoma and New Mexico second and third respectively. Currently, the number one major for students is Physical Education followed by Agriculture with a focus on Animal Science.

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