Election Day: State amendments and low early voting turnout


Amarillo voters headed to the polls Tuesday, after low turnouts during early voting. According to Potter County election officials, 1,550 people voted in person and 558 mail-in ballots were received. In Randall County, 2,823 people voted in person and 835 people mailed in their ballots by the early voting deadline.

Polling locations will remain open until 7:00 p.m. Tuesday.

One option on the Potter County ballot, is a two percent sales tax hike for the unincorporated areas that will be used to buy equipment for the fire and rescue department. Precinct 1 voters in Randall County, are deciding on whether or not to legalize the sale of alcohol at retailers such as convenience stores and grocery stores. Residents are also voting on Amarillo ISD's $100 million bond, that if passed will go towards classroom and safety upgrades.

Proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution focus on many areas of public policy including taxes, banking and housing. Here are the proposed amendments:

Proposition 1- Homestead exemption for partially donated homes of disabled veterans.

Proposition 2- Revising home equity loan provisions.

Proposition 3- Limiting terms for certain appointees of the governor.

Proposition 4- Court notice to attorney general of constitutional challenge to state laws

Proposition 5- Amending eligibility requirements for sports team charitable raffles

Proposition 6- Homestead exemption for surviving spouses of certain first responders.

Proposition 7- Authorizing Legislature to allow banks to hold raffles promoting savings

For more information on the Constitutional Amendment Election, click here.

Click here for Potter County polling locations.

Click here for Randall County polling locations.

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