Easy Math application is making math easier for students to understand math

Easy Math application is making math easier for students to understand math (Photo by Kendra Hall ABC 7).

An app that is teaching students math has been nominated for a national award. It recognizes the top 10 innovative businesses in the country through America's Small Business Development Center.

The business is called Easy Math and the the creators and developers are all working in the Panhandle. They were nominated for this award for their use of augmented reality.

It is like virtual reality, but it is used through a phone screen. It is a way for students to learn math in a fun way. It is just part of what Easy Math is doing for students.

Easy Math was an idea that turned into an app with hundreds of followers nation-wide. It won the Amarillo Enterprise Challenge that got it started.

"I'm a mathematician and my degree is in mathematics," said Alejandro Magallanes, creator of Easy Math. "Usually when people find out you have a degree in math, they tend to ask you 'hey can you help my child with this math problem?' So I was a math tutor and tutoring different kids, we realized it was a need."

This app lets kids get help with math at any time without having to wait on a tutor. Anyone can download the app for free by typing in "314 Easy Math." Then you create an account, choose your level of math and you will get access to video examples, formulas, graphing calculator and more.

"Teachers are over-worked. They have a lot to do and they don't have enough time, so we're that extra tool," said Magallanes. "If a kid is struggling with math and they have to do homework. If they go the next day without solving that problem, they're going to delay the entire class."

Someone who is having trouble with a math problem can take a picture of it and download it on the app. Then a tutor will help within three minutes.

"It can really seem daunting to do math," said Quentin Romero, App Writer. "It lacks personality most of the time. So the more people that do it the more odds that people are going to start to understand it and can do it in their every day lives. It will just make society better."

They believe this app will help students learn because it makes math more fun.

The augmented reality portion of the app is set to launch in March. It will help kids learn math through examples that come to life.

"Math should be an encouraging subject," said Magallanes. "We hate the fact that people see math as dumb and stupid and I can't solve it. But have you ever seen the face of a kid whenever they solve a math problem? They feel like they can take over the world."

The app can be downloaded for free and all the tools are free to use except the tutoring portion.

It does cost money for the tutor service, but it comes out to be about a dollar a day and a tutor is available at all times.

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