Dumas unclaimed Veteran honored after nearly a decade

American Legion and VFW honor a once forgotten Dumas veteran at Monday's Memorial Day Ceremony. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

Serving in World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars, it might be hard to believe that Dana Dean Milton Jr. has been a forgotten fallen veteran until today.

"To me that strikes a nerve, because the VFW and American Legion, we're all about veteran service, promoting and honoring the veterans," Commander of American Legion Post 224, and Service Officer for VFW Post 9022, Jason Dennis said.

Through the 'Missing in America Project,' volunteer Joel Carver has helped identify Milton's unclaimed remains. These remains have been sitting in the Morrison Funeral Home in Dumas for nearly a decade since his death, in 2010.

"It was humbling to see that this soldier had been forgotten and misplaced, and nobody, no family to claim him," Carver said.

After several years passing, Milton being a highly respected veteran of the Army and Navy, is what speaks volumes.

"He was wounded as a young man serving in the Army, and received a Purple Heart," Carver said.

Gathering in the Dumas City Park, folks are paying their overdue respects for Milton and the many others who have sacrificed.

"There's a sense of duty, a sense of honor and pride," Dennis said. "I think that's how most of the guys in the American Legion and the VFW feel when we do get to perform a ceremony."

Finally saying an official goodbye, Milton's story may be an example of sacrifices made, that everyone can learn from.

"When you see guys wearing military clothing, hats, that say they were veterans of this, or that conflict of war, take a minute to respect and honor those guys as well," Dennis said. "But, think about the friends they may have lost."

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