Dumas ISD boosting safety and security

    A partnership between Dumas ISD and Moore County using surveillance cameras, technology and radios is helping to improve safety and security (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)<p>{/p}

    The Dumas Independent School District announced a partnership with Moore County in an effort to increase safety and security at its campuses. The partnership will help improve efficiency and response times when responding to an emergency call.

    “Security and safety is the top priority,” said Tommy Brooks, Moore County Emergency Management Coordinator.

    “The schools used to be the safest place to be and now we've got to make them the safest place to be,” said Larry Payne, Dumas ISD Police Chief.

    The partnership affords the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to use surveillance cameras, technology and radios to relay information to law enforcement in the event of an active shooter or disaster. The technology will help pinpoint where to go directly at any of the district's nine campuses and what emergency personnel are up against when responding to a call.

    “That should cut down seconds in count off of their response and know how to be prepared when they enter the building,” said Payne.

    “If we can direct them directly to the shooter instead of them having to search for the shooter were going to have less damage,” said Brooks.

    The district has more than 460 active surveillance cameras in use strategically placed throughout its campuses. Dumas ISD Police Chief Larry Poole tells ABC 7 News the cameras are powered over ethernet and are plugged into a switchboard which allows the county’s EOC to monitor day or night.

    “The cameras have 10 AP Picture and they’ve got night vision with higher lighting built into them,” said Jacob Aragon, Director of Information & Technology at Dumas ISD. “Seeing in the dark is not a problem. They’re orbitable so we can adjust them in any direction we need to.”

    The cameras have helped the district and law enforcement catch vandals. Brooks tells ABC 7 News the partnership is as long as Dumas ISD wants it. The new joint effort started on Monday.

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