Documentary features Hereford's 2 Bar Angus

America was built on the backbone of entrepreneurs. Those people who pulled themselves up from their boot straps and understood that opportunities require hard work and it's the hard work of 2 Bar Angus in Hereford, Texas that's attracting quite the attention.

Multiview Inc. understands that America is home to many unique entrepreneurs and that's why they're traveling the country capturing their stories for a web-based documentary.

Their first stop just happens to be in Hereford, Texas at 2 Bar Angus.

"We believe that the American spirit is alive and well to this day. There's always been this idea of the American dream that you can come to America or you can start off in America and you can accomplish anything that you want and we believe that still," said Good Company Producer, William Kamp "Even though we've had this recession and gone through these hard times, it's still alive and well."

"People are still really trying their best to do what they want to do, their dreams," said Kamp "The real core idea behind Good Company is that not only are you a business person that's trying to make your dreams come true, not only are you trying to make a good company, but you, yourself are a good company. You embody the American spirit just as much as your company."

2 Bar Angus Owners, Steve and Laura Knoll said they're excited to have the crew visit and teach people about how they raise registered Angus feed stock.

"Cows are a way that ranchers around here trade their grass for high quality protein, something to take to town to sell," said Steve "We're trying to produce a more efficient gut with high fertility and cattle that function in their environment."

"Our goal is to have really good product when everybody's through with it. We want the ranchers to do well with it, the feed yards, and the packers," said Steve "We want a high quality eating experience when it's all finished."

The family owned and operated business was started twenty years ago with just a small herd when Steve and Laura were first married.

Today, 2 Bar Angus specialize in bulls, females, embryos, and semen. They have a proven track record of offering the best genetics needed for their clientele.

Knoll's said 2 Bar Angus never would have grown this big if they didn't have all of the family behind them.

"We work hard, but we play pretty hard too and we have lots of fun together," said Laura "We just know every day's going to be spent together. We enjoy it."

The documentary is called Good Company and their goal is to share the qualities that drive the unconventional geniuses of capitalism and to explore the communities they are from.

The ironic part is, Multiview happens to be a unique business as well, as they produce the entire show out of their production studio on wheels.

Kamp said, "The thing about good company is that we are really documenting and celebrating the spirit of American entrepreneurship."

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