Document: Breckenridge man beat parents to death with baseball bat

    Paxton Sullivan (Stephens County Jail)

    A Breckenridge man beat his parents to death with a baseball bat, according to court documents obtained by KTXS.

    Mitchel and Terry Sullivan’s bodies were found Friday afternoon in their home after a welfare check by Mark Dempsey, Terry’s brother-in-law.

    Dempsey had gotten a call from Terry’s brother after she did not show up for work. The brother was also concerned because Mitchel was not answering his cell phone.

    When Dempsey arrived just before 4 p.m., the couple’s son, Paxton, was getting into his SUV.

    Dempsey asked Paxton where his parents were.

    Paxton said mom was not feeling good and his father was taking a nap.

    Paxton then left.

    Dempsey went inside and to the master bedroom where he saw a “pale colored foot near the edge of the bed.”

    The rest of the body was covered with a blanket.

    On the way out of the house, Dempsey saw “a baseball bat near the front door that appeared to be covered with blood,” according to the document.

    Police arrived and found both bodies under a blanket in the master bedroom and said it appears the wounds – which were to the couple’s heads -- were “caused by blunt force trauma consistent with a baseball bat.”

    A sheriff’s deputy found Paxton’s SUV on Hwy 183 North at a place called The Boar's Den.

    Paxton walked out and laid on the ground.

    When the deputy asked what happened at his parent’s house, Paxton said “he’s hiding, there is a demon inside me, you see what he did.”

    The deputy found a rifle inside the building. Paxton said the rifle was his but his dad had it.

    Breckenridge police and the Stephen’s County Sheriff’s Office both said they responded to multiple family violence complaints prior to the murders where the victims said they were scared Paxton would kill them.

    Paxton has requested a court appointed attorney.

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