Dimmitt ISD construction continues

Dimmitt ISD Assistant Superintendent Jill Millican stands next to drawings of new elementary campus layout in Dimmitt (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

Construction on a couple of projects for the Dimmitt Independent School District is progressing despite a few delays from the weather. Work on a new elementary campus is about 20 percent complete according to Assistant Superintendent Jill Millican.

“The new elementary campus is going to be a 21st century learning environment,” said Jill Millican, assistant superintendent. “Each grade level will have a hub central to the classrooms. There will be a central learning environment outside of the classrooms. There will be five classrooms in each grade level.”

Due to a shortage of daycare options in Dimmitt, the district is having an Early Childhood center built adjacent to the new elementary campus for kids from birth to four years old.

“In Dimmitt we have limited daycare options,” said Millican. “That is one reason why we are doing this. The teachers that will be working there will be certified. The staff will be working closely with Head Start or the Texas Pre-K program guidelines.

Voters passed a $24.66 million bond in 2016, paving the way for the district to enhance the learning environment. The bond is also paying for security upgrades at the high school and junior high school.

The city of Dimmitt is looking to overhaul a pool that sits on what was school grounds. City Manager B.J. Potts tells ABC 7 News the city is planning to revamp an old pool into a community pool with new amenities.

“The only difference is we’re going to see if the pool we can make it a zero entry to where kids can just walk into it,” said B.J. Potts, city manager. “We are able to do this after the pool complex survived demolition of the old high school and middle school campus buildings. It came through the demo intact. We want to create a splash pad and a zone for the younger kids. We will tear down the old fence that surrounds it and build something that blends in with the façade of the school.

The project to transform an old vacant pool into a summer destination for the community coincides with other projects that are scheduled to start in Dimmitt and in Castro County.

“There’s plans right now for a nursing home at the hospital district,” said Potts. “The county is building a new jail, so combine that with what we’re doing here to revamp the pool this is really nice for us.”

Potts tells ABC 7 News the pool project is scheduled to be completed in time for summer of 2019. The new Helen Richardson Elementary campus and Early Childhood Center are scheduled to open in August of 2018.

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