Dept. of Energy stops work on Deep Borehole Field Test program

The Department of Energy is terminating work on the Deep Borehole Field Test program at all potential drilling sites. (ABC 7 Amarillo)

Enercon Federal Services, Inc. (ENERCON) tell ABC 7 News that it has been informed by the Department of Energy that they are terminating work on the Deep Borehole Field Test program at all potential drilling sites.

ENERCON has been working on a potential site near Nara Visa, in Quay County, New Mexico.

DOE gave written confirmation to all four contractors Tuesday that due to shifting funding priorities, DOE has chosen to defund the Deep Borehole research, citing the need to support funding requests to further Yucca Mountain and interim storage options.

The phased program, which started on January 3, 2017, began with four contractors, each exploring separate potential research drilling sites, and was expected to last for approximately five years with only one site ultimately chosen for actual drilling.

However, at the end of Phase 1, all contractors have been instructed to prepare and submit to DOE a plan for wrapping up any outstanding subcontracts and other activities within the next 30 days to bring the contracts to a close.

“We were interested in the project from a research and nuclear safety standpoint,” said Wendy Lambert, a company spokesperson. “We are disappointed that the project is coming to an early end, but understand and support the DOE in their decision.”

“We would also like to acknowledge and thank all residents of Quay and the surrounding counties for their input, and engagement in the process. We have had some very strong supporters, and very strong opposition, all which makes the public process work,” added President of Enercon Federal Services, Inc. Peter Mast.

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