Delivery driver accused of stalking woman he delivered food to

37-year-old Alexandro Correa is accused of stalking a woman he delivered food to in East Austin (Photo courtesy: Austin Police Department)

A man who delivered food to a woman at her place of work is accused of obsessively stalking her.

According to an affidavit, the victim opened her own gym in East Austin in November of last year.

During her work day, she would order food through the delivery app Favor.

Police say on December 17th, the suspect--identified as 37-year-old Alexandro Correa--made the delivery. Correa was a complete stranger to the victim.

Court documents say Correa began showing up to the gym unannounced, leaving random, unwanted items for the victim, including used magazines and a soccer ball.

The victim thought, at first, that the encounters were friendly and casual. However, Correa was able to get the victim's personal cell phone number and began calling and texting her, police say, making her uncomfortable and scared.

Correa allegedly sent her photos of the trailer he lives in, telling her she could move in and describing where she could sleep. The victim told police she firmly turned him down and that he responded that he knew she was starting a new business and was "trying to help."

In another incident, police say Correa burst into her gym during a class and began asking random questions. The victim says before he left, Correa took a box of checkers to her desk and dropped them, saying "You can have these. We will be in touch soon."

Over Facebook messenger, police say the victim told Correa she did not appreciate him interrupting her class, and that he crossed a line. Correa then responded "We're done" and said he was "erasing" the victim as they spoke.

However over the next several weeks, court documents say, Correa posted dozens of messages to the victim's social media accounts, discussing random topics such as Disney movies, singer Shakira, witchcraft and feminism. Police say at one point he took a photo the victim had of herself on social media and used it as his Facebook profile picture.

Police say Correa was also checking in on the gym's social media page and harassing the staff.

Earlier this month, an Austin Police officer contacted Correa to issue a verbal cease and desist, telling him not to contact the victim nor post things on social media that would alarm her. However, the behavior continued, police say, and at some point, someone left a "funeral arrangement" of flowers outside the victim's business.

While it is unclear whether or not Correa left the arrangement, police increased patrols in the area after the victim feared for her life. Earlier this week, officers spotted him riding past the gym, where he was stopped and given a criminal trespass notice.

Correa was detained and charged with stalking, a 3rd degree felony.

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