Dangerous Amarillo intersection concerns neighbors

Amarillo neighbor Sandra Clark, catches a major accident on the Crockett and I-40 intersection on security video. (Video credit: Sandra Clark).

Sandra Clark, is the one who catches most of what goes on at the Crockett and I-40 Frontage road intersection.

"Watch this car," she said sitting, and watching chaotic traffic from her front porch.

She does this both in person, and through her security camera like she did with Thursday's major wreck.

"They're playing chicken!," said Clark. "You could stand here all day and watch this."

Living in her home for 12 years, she said she's seen many wrecks at the intersection practically in her front yard.

"They need to stop, because almost every day, I can almost see a wreck getting ready to happen again," said Clark.

Cars rushing by and speeding is normal for the confusing intersection that lacks a stop sign, in Clark's opinion.

"Put a red light, or a three-way stop here," she said.

Day in and day out, Clark said it's almost like waiting for an accident to happen.

"It's almost every day, almost every time," said Clark.

And other neighbors agree.

"I hear horns honking all day every day," said neighbor Amy Rainey. "When I first moved in and was painting my house, I witnessed one pretty much just like yesterday. Someone ran the stop sign, hit a truck [and] they landed in the front yard across the way and then wound up on my sidewalk right here."

Rainey's mom who visits from Pampa often, said she's noticed the chaos too.

"It's scary because there's kids on the block," said Betty Rainey.

Amy said she wants more patrolling in the area if possible, and more traffic direction.

"I think even making it an all-way stop would help," she said.

Clark, said she's waiting on the day that this dangerous intersection is taken more seriously.

"Put some ol' blinking red lights down," said Clark.

ABC 7 has reached out to TxDOT, and it told us the Crockett and I-40 intersection is its responsibility.

We asked for specifics on changes that have been made over time with the intersection, or if any changes are in the works and the spokesperson couldn't give us that information today.

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