Dalhart community shares Christmas spirit with less fortunate children

Christmas came a week early for some 800 children from both Dallam and Hartley counties on Sunday, as part of the community of Dalhart's "Mary Bells Christmas For Kids" program.

"We designed this, we created this organization for children that just may not have the kind of Christmas that you'd like for them to have," said Co-Director for the program, Kurtis Thomas.

More than $40,000 worth of toys were given away to less fortunate children to help the have a happier Christmas. Each child received one toy, from a skate board to a video game, and for eleven year-old Vanessa Huaracha, even a basketball goal.

"What I basically want from here is to get a basketball hoop because I want to be a basketball player when I'm in school," said Vanessa.

A basketball goal she got! For Vanessa, and the hundreds of other children whose Christmas wishes were granted, that means something to look forward too.

"After maybe, I'll be practicing better and doing better at basketball," she added.

But, it wasn't just about the toys during this community's selfless gift-giving event, it was about what they felt was the real reason for the season.

"The reason is not to get a big toy, the reason is not to come in and get a free cookie or a glass of hot cocoa," said Thomas. "The reason for the season is celebrating the birth of Christ."

"Nobody gets any credit," said Thomas' Co-Director, Dean Graham. "We don't have a donation board because it is solely from the soul because of Christ. This is because of God."

Even the children, like Vanessa, knew just how lucky they were to live in a community where more than 200 volunteers donated their time and money to make sure they had the best Christmas of all.

"We're actually lucky to be getting these present because some of the kids around the world won't be getting any present," Vanessa added.

T he Mary Bells Christmas For Kids didn't stop at just giving out all those toys to children Sunday, either. After the gift giving, they also delivered more than 70 stockings to the residents of their local nursing home.

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