Curry County jail receives 3 year accreditation certificate

Curry County jail receives 3 year accreditation certificate. (File Photo)

The Curry County Adult Detention Center (CCADC) has been approved for an initial three year certificate of accreditation by the Adult Detention Professional Standards Council (ADPSC) of the New Mexico Association of Counties.

This honor will be awarded and presented in January of 2018, at the New Mexico Association of Counties Legislative Conference in Santa Fe.

Certificates of Accreditation are given to county detention facilities that meet or exceed best practice standards in detention, and consists of 208 mandatory detention standards that were made and approved by the ADPSC.

Subject matter experts created the standards for New Mexico jail facilities based on suggested best practices from detention facilities across the nation.

Currently, there are 8 accredited detention centers in the State of New Mexico and three facilities working towards accreditation.

County manager Lance Pyle stated, "It has long been a goal of Curry County to receive accreditation and I commend Detention Administrator Mark Gallegos and the Detention Center staff for the hard work and dedication it took to achieve accreditation.”

Pyle added based on this achievement, Curry County will see a 2% decrease in Detention Center liability insurance for calendar year 2018.

"Curry County has become a model for the State in the operation and management of the CCADC and I cannot say enough about Mr. Gallegos' work ethic, management ability, and the direction he has led the facility for the past 21 months." Said Pyle.

According to Administrator Gallegos, the accreditation is a great achievement for the CCADC; which has been working towards accreditation since October 2016.

To be approved the CCADC has to pass all 208 standards with a 100% score. The entire operations of the facility are factors in the accreditation process; including an audit by 6 Detention Auditors on policies and procedures.

Gallegos, who had set this accreditation as a goal for the facility, is very proud of the CCADC staff and leadership for their hard work, loyalty and subject matter expertise; as well as the long hours it takes to ensure that the facility follows the vest practices of operating a detention center.

“I would like to voice my appreciation for Assistant Detention Administrator Joe Alaniz and Lieutenant Jay Pavlik who put together the entire accreditation program. In addition, thanks to County Manager Lance Pyle and the Curry County Board of County Commissioners for the dedicated support and belief in the entire team and accreditation process,” Gallegos said.

Questions or concerns may be addressed to the Curry County Manager at 575-763-6016.

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