Contestants serve & set and spike in the mud

Mud Volleyball in Dumas attracts hundreds of contestants to compete for prize money (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

An Independence Day tradition in Dumas is attracting people from across Texas and from surrounding states. The World’s Championship Mud Volleyball Tournament at McDade Park drew 38 teams with several new contestants coming from Colorado and other states that neighbor Texas Wednesday..

The Dumas Fire Department poured 5,000 gallons of water into three outdoor volleyball courts creating mud pits at the courts.

“It was so much fun and I was not expecting to get so muddy,” said Sandra Ramirez, first time contestant from Dumas. “Once you get in and get muddy it’s a lot of fun.”

“It was really fun,” said Mari Ramirez, contestant from Dumas. “I didn’t realize it was going to be that hard.”

Sandra and Mari Ramirez are members of the Dynamites team. They entered for the first time and were surprised at how much balance and athletic skills it takes to move through the mud.

“It’s very slippery and when you get out there to serve you pretty much fall all the time,” said Mari Ramirez.

“It’s a lot of slipperiness,” said Kayla Mosher, contestant from La Junta, Colorado. “There is a lot of mud and a lot of getting dirty. It was a lot of fun. I had a blast.”

“There’s no secret to getting the ball over the net,” said Angel Resendes, contestant from Amarillo. “It’s fun. I had a blast but it’s nothing like playing on dry land.”

The tradition of Mud Volleyball is Dumas started 17 years ago with only a handful of teams entered. In years past, there have been more than 40 teams entered. With three courts to play on you do get some down time in between games.

“It’s a good place to come out and enjoy with your family,” said Jose Hernandez, contestant from Dumas. “There’s more to the Fourth than fireworks. Everyone comes out here and have a great time. It’s a lot of fun playing with your kids in the mud and getting all muddy.”

“The important thing is to keep the inner kid in you,” said Sandra Ramirez. “We played with older teams and younger teams and with the kids so it’s just a lot of fun. It’s a fun time for the community to come together and celebrate.”

First place prize money is $500.00 and second place prize money is $300.00. The games are played under rally scoring rules so whoever is ahead after 15 minutes is the winner. The cost to enter is $10 per individual. The Chamber of Commerce holds the mud volleyball tournament at McDade Park with many city employees volunteering as score keepers or officials for the tournament.

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