Construction on powdered milk plant expected to begin in the Fall

The city of Canyon is working out last minute details to allow construction to begin on a new powdered milk plant.

Once the new milk plant becomes operational, milk from dairy farms in the Texas Panhandle will be trucked to a soon to be built powdered milk facility in Canyon, owned by Lone Star Dairy Products.

"They will receive the milk from these local dairies," said Evelyn Ecker, Canyon EDC Director. "What they do is process the milk and they pull the water out of the milk which has a high percentage of water component. They will dry that and it becomes powdered milk."

The new plant will be constructed on land granted to them from the Canyon Economic Development Corporation. According to city officials most of the powdered milk will be shipped overseas to customers awaiting to get a food based product.

"They indicated to us most of this will be shipped globally to markets overseas," said Randy Criswell, City Manager. "One of there partners is a global marketing company, so a lot of this product will go overseas."

Once Lone Star Dairy opens, the plant is expected to attract spin-off businesses to the area to help support the dairy products.

"We've already had several inquiries about bringing businesses to the area," said Ecker. "This will attract new businesses to come in and help provide for Lone Star Dairy Products.

With the new plant creating 60 full time jobs, Lone Star Dairy Products is expected to have a positive impact on the economy in Canyon.

"Anytime you can bring in a new business that brings in jobs and people to the community it's going to boost the economy," said Roger Remlinger, Executive Director Canyon Chamber of Commerce. "The housing market, the food market anything like that so anytime we can work with the EDC or bring in someone new itâ??s a bonus for the Canyon area."

Construction on the new plant is expected to start in the Fall and will take one year to build.

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