Clovis PD looking for suspect in skimming scam

Clovis PD is asking for your help identifying this man. (Courtesy Clovis Police Department)

The Clovis Police Department is asking for the public's help to identify a suspect involved in putting skimmers in ATMs in the area.

Police say the electronic card reading devices are attached to an ATM card slot and will read personal card information stored on a victim's card, including PIN numbers. Three such devices have been removed from three different ATMs since September 15.

The local banks have helped Clovis Police obtain pictures and video of the suspect planting the skimming device, but haven't been able to identify him. The pictures show a Hispanic man in his mid 20's driving a light tan four-door Chevy Malibu.

Clovis Police are asking anyone with information about the suspect or any of the cases of ATM tampering to contact Detective Randy Pitcock with the Special Operations unit at (575) 763-7491. They are also asking anyone who is using an ATM to look at it before putting their card in the slot in case anything looks suspicious. If it does, contact them immediately.

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