Clapping controversy at Amarillo city council

A man is removed by police from an Amarillo city council meeting after clapping and refusing to either remain quiet or leave on his own. (KVII, Niccole Caan)

A public comment controversy Tuesday at Amarillo city council.

One man was removed from the meeting by police after applauding a speaker during public comment. Several people made public comments against the no clapping rule during meetings. One man even said he was suing the city over the issue.

Mayor Ginger Nelson asked people not to applaud because it is disruptive and the council wants people to feel comfortable coming to the podium to speak. Instead, she asked the audience to raise their hand if they agreed with a speaker.

The council's written rules of decorum do not specifically ban clapping, but the mayor has the authority to set the rules of business at the beginning of each meeting.

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