City View residents concerned about safety after trench rescue

Amarillo Fire Dept. officials said a man suffered non-life-threatening injuries after falling in a trench near City View Drive Thursday. (ABC 7 Amarillo-Tiffany Lester)

A man is recovering from injuries he sustained after he fell into a 20-foot trench on a construction site near City View Drive in South Amarillo.

Dozens of fire and rescue units came to the man’s rescue.

“Witnesses on the scene told us that one of the runs just came off the ladder and he fell down into the trench,” said Amarillo Fire Department Captain Larry Davis.

Davis said the man suffered non-life-threatening injuries, but City View residents said there was potential for more harm.

“Adults probably would break a bone or two or three, but a kid, I’m sure it could kill them, break a neck, break a leg, definitely probably could kill them,” said City View resident Krista Goswick.

“A trench can be deadly at five or six-feet deep. The dirt weighs a lot and if they’re in there and the dirt does collapse, if they haven’t sure everything up like it’s supposed to be, it can be a very dangerous situation,” added Davis.

There are no fences or barriers at the entrance to the construction site preventing people from getting inside the area. It leaves a potentially dangerous area open for anyone walking through the neighborhood.

“It’s just not safe having the big holes there obviously,” said Goswick.

Goswick tells ABC 7 News she and her family walk through and play in the construction site in the evenings when her children get out of school.

She said she thinks there should be some sort of barrier for protection from not only the trenches, but also the heavy machinery.

“Kids that are curious are going to go near the tractors because they’re not blocked off. My kid has a brain injury and he doesn’t think like other kids and so he’s very curious and wants to get on the tractors so if I turn my back, he’s more than likely going to go near the tractor and the hole,” said Goswick.

Goswick said the construction crew does back fill most of trenches before leaving for the day, but do not cover them completely.

ABC 7 News reached out to the contractors in charge of the construction, but have not heard back.

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