City of Guymon proposes hotel/motel tax increase to help make improvements

City of Guymon proposes hotel/motel tax increase to help make improvements. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

After tomorrow, folks walking through the doors of hotels and motels in Guymon could be paying a little more.

Some hotel managers like Charlie David, said they're hoping this doesn't negatively affect their business.

"Right now how the tax is, already customers complain," David said. What's [the] use to raise it? They think the tax, still is high."

Guymon City Manager, Mitchell Wagner said raising the tax to eight percent isn't a lot compared to other surrounding cities.

"We've done a survey throughout our region, and other towns, and the eight percent was kind of middle of the road," Wagner said.

Wagner says the hotel/motel tax percent has been the same for 28 years. And that raising it, will only benefit Guymon residents.

"Mainly, you know, if it's convention and tourism, or if it's economic development," Wagner said. "The quality-of-life initiatives for our town."

Those passing through the city will be most affected.

"It's not a tax on the citizens of Guymon, the tax comes from people who travel through Guymon and stay at the hotels and motels," Wagner said.

David said if citizens do vote in favor, he'd like to see the money go toward real improvements throughout the city, and more attractions.

"Fix the roads, the roads are worse than any town," he said.

Wagner said he's hoping everyone recognizes the true benefit raising hotel/motel taxes would have.

"I can't tell them how to vote, but I would encourage them to go vote," Wagner said.

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