City of Canyon revises alcohol ordinance for clarity

City of Canyon revises alcohol ordinance for clarity. (ABC 7 Amarillo- File photo).

For some Canyon neighbors, recent changes being made are long overdue.

"I think a lot of things are a long-time coming," said Canyon resident Audrey Griffith. "Like, a lot of our stricter policies and stuff like that."

Griffith said the way the City of Canyon has monitored alcohol is one of those stricter policies.

"I think people will be more inclined to come [to events] if they have the option for [alcohol]," she said.

City of Canyon Attorney Chuck Hester is the brains behind amending an ordinance to make rules clearer for residents. A previous ordinance that says alcohol is not allowed on city grounds conflicts with the special events exception policy.

"We should have recognized the conflict in 2015, but until the local option election in Canyon, that really hadn't become something we had to worry about," said Hester. "The local option election where you could sell beer and wine in Canyon changed several things."

With this new ordinance, Hester said event permit holders still have certain guidelines to follow.

"On the special events ordinance, it was amended to provide that you can't bring glass containers or bottles to those events," said Hester. "If you have more than 100 people in attendance, you had to have two off-duty police officers to work security for the event."

He said the Canyon Chamber of Commerce hosts most events now, but, that down the road, the city expects more to take advantage of the new amended ordinance.

"The promoters are knocking on the door wanting to conduct events in Canyon because the downtown dining district is taking off and the events on the square are very popular," Hester said.

Moving forward, Hester feels this will have an overall positive impact.

“Come celebrate in Canyon, because we’re open for business," he said.

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