Changing the 14th Amendment

Just say immigration reform, and everyone has an opinion, especially on a new push by Republicans to change the 14th Amendment.

Republicans are calling for hearings to look at that amendment which grants automatic citizenship for those born in the United States. It's a move supported by many party leaders who have questioned or challenged birthright citizenship in recent days.

ProNews 7 spoke with Congressman Mac Thornberry on this issue who says it's important to first look at the phrasing of the amendment.

"It's difficult process, a constitutional amendment has to pass each house of Congress with a 2/3 vote, then it has to be ratified by 3/4 of state so it's a difficult process, but the first step is to examine what the 14th amendment actually means and think about the consequences might be by changing it." says Thornberry.

Thornberry adds that he is for immigration reform to better protect our borders and making sure the violence in Mexico does not spill over.

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