Canyon police pitch in to buy new American flag for WWII Veteran who had his stolen

The Canyon Police Department pitched in to buy WWII Veteran Blaine Hufnagle a new American flag after his was stolen last weekend. (Photo: Canyon Police Department Facebook page)

A WWII Veteran who had his American flag stolen now has a brand new flag, thanks to the Canyon Police Department.

According to CPD's Facebook page, WWII Veteran Blaine Hufnagle had his American flag stolen some time Saturday night. He went to the CPD to report the theft and was very upset.

While at the Department, Hufnagle struck up a conversation with officers about his time in the military. He shared many stories and was very humble, CPD said. Hufnagle said that he is to be awarded the medal of Knight in the French Order of the Legion of Honor in recognition of his contribution to the Liberation of France during WWII. He is scheduled to accept the award in Austin on Nov. 11.

CPD said officers were not able to find the stolen flag but pitched in to buy Hufnagle a new one. Officers then paid a visit to Hufnagle's home and presented him with the new flag. Officers said he held back tears as he thanked them. Hufnagle then shared more stories and showed the officers some of his memorabilia.

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